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Our Most Luxurious Water & Ice Machine

SB i12

The SBi12 takes water and ice and adds a touch of luxury. This freestanding bottleless machine features a glass front panel, giving it an elegant look and feel. But that’s just scratching the surface! This bottleless water and ice cooler produces purified hot, cold, and ambient drinking water and the elegant bullet ice everyone in the office will love. With dual LED UV-C lights in the holding tanks, you never have to question the sanitation of your water and ice! Capable of producing up to 44 lbs of ice in a day and storing 8 lbs overnight, the SBi12 guarantees you’ll always have a pure, hydrating refreshment.

  • Hot, Cold, Ambient + Bullet Ice

  • Build-In Touchless Operation

  • State-of-the-Art Reverse Osmosis

  • Increased Dispensing Height

  • Air Filter & Sealed Reservoir

Water Bubble Elements

Let’s Meet The SB i12

Weight 119.5  lbs
(54.2 kg)
Dimensions 58.7″ H
16.9″ W
19.4″ D
Cold Tank Capacity 1.2 Gallons
(4.7 liters)
Ambient Tank Capacity 4.5 Gallons
(16.9 liters)
Hot Tank Capacity 1.2 Gallons
(4.6 liters)
Ice Amount Per Day 44 lbs.
(19.9 kg)
Ice Storage Per Day 8.8 lbs.
(4 kg)
Dispense Area 10″
Recommended Water Pressure 60 – 70 psi
Rated Voltage / Frequency 110v / 60hz @ 6.5 amps
Power Consumption 2.83 kWh / 24 hours

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