Water coolers

We supply an endless flow of pure, clean drinking water in New England

Bottleless water cooler

SB 9 + SB 9CT

Introducing the SB 9 and SB 9CT – the perfect water dispensers for those who prioritize both safety and style. With touchless sensor activation, you will enjoy a hygienic water experience every time. Whether you choose the freestanding or countertop model, this unit is sure to impress.



Introducing the S4, a groundbreaking sparkling water unit featuring cutting-edge Wellsys technology. With advanced lead reduction carbon filtration, the S4 guarantees refreshing, pristine water with every pour. Its sleek glass front panel and streamlined single point of dispense offer a modern, minimalist aesthetic.

Bottleless water cooler in black color

SB i12

Looking for a way to add a touch of elegance to your workspace while staying hydrated? Look no further than the SBi12! This freestanding water and ice cooler features a stunning glass front panel that exudes luxury. Not only does it look great, but it also produces purified hot, cold, and ambient drinking water, as well as elegant bullet ice that everyone in the office will appreciate.

Bottless water cooler and ice cooler with logo

SB 15000

Upgrade your office with the SB15000, an innovative ice and water dispenser that is both sleek and powerful. No one will be able to resist the irresistibly chewable ice and freshwater produced by this state-of-the-art machine, complete with hot and ambient temperature options. With SafeTouch™ technology, you can sip worry-free, as this dispenser prevents the spread of germs.

Bottless Water Cooler

SB 16000

Introducing the SB16000 – a sleek, sophisticated addition to any workspace. This impressive unit not only dispenses hot and ambient water but also produces 165 lbs. of delicious nugget-style ice every single day. Standing taller than traditional countertop units, the SB16000 is available with a base for a freestanding option.

Refill Station preview with logo

Flowater refill station

Discover a new way to enjoy eco-friendly and purified water with FloWater’s Bottleless Water Refill Stations! These innovative stations are changing the game in offices, gyms, hotels, and more. You’ll savor the chilled, revitalizing water that’s been purified by the world’s only 7-Stage Purification System, eliminating up to 99% of toxins, viruses, heavy metals, and bacteria.

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