Reverse Osmosis System for Distilled water system

Distilled Water Right at your fingertips

DI System

Want the convenience of clean, reliable tap water? Get unlimited distilled water right from your home or office faucet with the DI water filtration system installed by the trained professionals at Stonybrook Water!

  • Customizable setup with options for a gooseneck or handheld

  • Distilled water created with reverse osmosis

  • No minerals (no TDS)

  • Keeps autoclaves free from mineral buildip
Water Bubble Elements

Let’s Meet The DI System

  • DI System water filtering
  • DI system a water polishing technique
DI Filters 14″H x 11″W x 5.5″D
RO Pack 17″H x 16.5″W x 5.5D
Storage Tank 11.75″W x 11.75″D x 18.5″H

Filters are fed with a ¼ water line and ⅜ drain line.

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