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Stonybrook offers your company the best solutions in bottleless water & ice filtration. We offer the highest quality bottleless water coolers in New England – Satisfying thirst across the region. Experience the difference when you schedule your FREE Trial today!

Stonybrook’s bottleless water coolers provide your home or office with an endless supply of clean, filtered water – All without the use of plastic jugs or bottles. Our bottleless water & ice filtration systems are designed to keep up with your thirst needs, all while dispensing the best-tasting water you’ve ever had! Don’t believe us? Then try it for free. One sip, and you’ll be hooked!

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“Club Zero” refers to the ever-growing family of Stonybrook Water devotees that have made a purposeful decision to consume water that is as free from any contaminants, impurities, or pollutants as today’s filtration technology allows.

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the best bottleless water coolers in new england

Learn About Our Bottleless Water & Ice Filtration Systems

the best bottleless water coolers in new england

Learn About Our Bottleless Water & Ice Filtration Systems

Bottleless water cooler

Water Coolers

Supplying an endless flow of pure, clean drinking water in New England.

Ice Machines

Supplying an endless flow of pure, clean ice in New England.

Reverse Osmosis System for Distilled water system

DI Systems

Distilled water right at your fingertips.

Our Water Is…

reduce plastic use

Good For The Environment

Bottled water is out. Bottleless water is in! Around the world, a million bottles of water is purchased every minute but only about 10% of them are recycled properly. Not only is plastic waste harming our environment, but so is plastic production. So reduce your carbon footprint by installing one of the best bottleless water coolers in New England!

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Good For Your Body

Hydration is a critical factor in living a healthy lifestyle. But drinking water isn’t enough. You need to be drinking CLEAN water. Water that’s free of impurities, chemicals, and sediments provides more adequate hydration that won’t harm your health. As a bonus, our bottleless water & ice filtration systems add essential minerals back into the water for a beverage that tastes great and is good for you.

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Good For Your Wallet

Whether it’s at home or in the office, Stonybook’s bottleless water & ice filtration systems are affordable and cost-effective. When you make the switch, you say goodbye to delivery fees, maintenance costs, and more. For a little over $2/day, your lease from Stonybrook doesn’t just include a steady supply of clean drinking water – it includes regular preventative maintenance and access to a service team for any service needs.

Unravel the mysteries behind pristine drinking water and elevate your hydration experience to new heights.

Discover the secrets of hydration!

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Why Our Clients Love Stonybrook

Stonybrook Water Company installed 17 water appliances into our facility. They worked in close arrangement with our in-house staff for three days. The end result was a flawless installation with no disruption to our on-going manufacturing activities. The Stonybrook Water appliances and the water they produce have been met with great enthusiasm by our work force. As the facilities manager, not having to dedicate man power to store, lug and change water bottles throughout our plants has resulted in significant savings to our bottom line. As a company, our image can only be enhanced by our choice to use environmentally friendly products. We feel good about the choice to switch from bottled water. Lastly, on the occasions that we have needed service, Stonybrook has given us immediate attention and the desired results every time. I would not hesitate to recommend them!

Robert T., Astronics Luminescent Systems, Inc.
Our dental office has been using this company for 3+ years and customer service has been wonderful! The water is clean and fresh and techs wonderful, David is great!

Tuany K.

The water system we use in my office is from Stonybrook Water Company and I love it! I have well water at home so I am used to high quality water and I tend to be quite picky! This system delivers the coolest, cleanest, and most refreshing water I’ve ever had in the workplace. The technician, David, offered quick and friendly service as he cleaned our filter. I can’t recommend this company enough.

Tyler S.
Installation was fast and efficient. Professional and pleasant!

Quantum Physical Therapy
I just wanted to let you know what a professional and courteous gentleman David is. He came in today to change the filters on our system.

We love our system and enjoy it every day. It is so much easier to use rather than having to lug those huge bottles of water around. I am getting to old for that.

Thank you again.

Sally, Leggett & Platt, Inc.
Storybook Water Company installed a state-of-art water dispenser in my business a couple of years ago and it had been one of the best decisions I ever made. They maintain it so it always dispenses pure, clean, filtered water in cold, hot, room temperature and even sparkling. I know it is ALWAYS clean water that passes through their filtration system and I never have to deal with “loading” heavy, 5 gallon bottles onto a dirty dispenser! They are always remarkably professional and easy to deal with when it comes to any type of payments or billing. If you ever need to call them for any reason, this company will respond with lightning speed! I highly recommend this company and their water system over any others you may choose to provide in your business, office setting, or your home.

Paula C.

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