Say Goodby to Heavy Water Bottles: Go Bottleless

Are you tired of struggling to replace the bottle of your water cooler? We hear from people who have trouble lifting 5-gallon jugs, which weigh 42 lbs, or who tweak their backs when lifting these bottles.

People injure their arms, hands, and backs all of the time as a result of lifting water cooler bottles. The awkward shape of these bottles, combined with the motion needed to lift and insert the bottles, makes doing so risky, even for people who consider themselves to be in good shape.

At Stonybrook Water, we offer bottleless water coolers. These water coolers tap into existing water lines. Imagine never having to deal with lifting, spilling, and storage issues again. With our water systems, you will get unlimited, clean, and fresh water on demand without the hassle and danger of heavy water bottles.

We offer a free, 1-week trial to give you the opportunity to try our water. Call 978-381-1520 or contact us for more information on our bottleless water coolers.

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