Great Tasting Water at Work

Water at Work

Water at WorkStonybrook water offers fresh, great-tasting water at your office: in the break room, cafeteria, lobby, or business outlet location. With easy installation and affordable cost, it’s a smart investment. There’s no more bottle delivery or heavy lifting or the associated liability, and no need to store bulky water bottles.

Our team will deliver the Stonybrook cooler units to your office or business, and our units can be installed almost anywhere. Installation is quick and easy, there is no need to clean and sanitize the unit… and you will never run out of water. No other water dispenser can produce as much cold water to meet peak demand periods. Our coolers help eliminate environmental waste and are EPA Energy Star certified which can help your company’s green initiatives by saving on waste and energy.

Stonybrook water is perfect for hospital waiting rooms, fitness centers, hotels and resorts, educational settings and more. Your employees or patrons can have a healthy alternative to sugary beverages, like fruit juice and soda, and we offer hot and cold temperature settings, so your employees have access to unlimited, chilled water as well as the ability to make instant coffee, tea or oatmeal. Now that really is an employee benefit!

Water at Work

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