5 Great Reasons To Choose Stonybrook Water

Stonybrook Water “bottleless” water coolers provide an endless supply of pure drinking water without the hassle, cost or environmental harm of bottled water. But it’s so much more than that! It really is the best tasting water on the planet! One sip and you will be hooked, but there are other important reasons to choose Stonybrook Water.

Purity PURITY:
When it comes to delicious, nothing compares to the taste of Stonybrook Water. Our water is chilled and filtered ONLY ON DEMAND and NEVER sits in a holding tank or reservoir where bacteria and mold can grow. Stonybrook’s water is filtered as you use it, not months earlier like bottled water; the easy-to-use, low-maintenance filtration system removes chlorine, bad taste, odor, lead, cysts, and more from your water. Freshly-filtered water, and nothing else in that water, equals the best tasting water on the planet. Period!

Value VALUE:
At just over a dollar a day you can use your Stonybrook water for everything: drinking, cooking, rinsing, watering your pets or plants, whatever! There’s never an extra charge for usage! And your Stonybrook lease includes all necessary service and filter changes at no additional cost. When you compare us to companies that deliver water jugs to your door, we’ll typically cut your cost by about 20 percent.

Value GREEN:
When it comes to threats to the environment, such as global warming, there’s never been a better time to make a difference. You can be part of the solution!

No More Bottles!

PVC bottles are an environmental nightmare. Billions of plastic water bottles, both small and large, are going into landfills every year and the recycling of those bottles causes its own pollution. Consider the amount of energy consumed by the bottling plant and the diesel delivery trucks. On average, the typical bottled water company uses about three gallons of water for every gallon produced, due to the filtering process and the water used in washing the old bottles. In just one filter cycle, a single Stonybrook Water cooler replaces 8,000 16 oz. plastic bottles. The Stonybrook way is to refill. If we all used refillable water bottles instead of disposable bottles, we’d be taking billions of bottles out of landfills every year. And taking thousands of diesel trucks off the road!

Energy Savings.

The cooler comes equipped with a light sensor, which means when you shut-off the lights for the night our units “sleep”, using less than ½ of the electricity that most coolers use. And during the day, the unit adjusts to peak and quiet periods. Now that’s smart!

Health HEALTH:
It’s all about clean water. And a healthy life begins with clean, healthy water. It doesn’t get any more basic than that.

Water Quality

Stonybrook’s “dry technology” is the latest innovation in water appliances. Your water is chilled and filtered ONLY ON DEMAND and NEVER sits in a holding tank or reservoir. Harmful bacteria like to grow in water storage reservoirs, and plastic bottles themselves can leach harmful chemicals into your drinking water. Because of our unique “dry technology”, Stonybrook Water is cleaner than the water from other “bottleless” coolers. Our units are connected to the cold water line of your home or office, and water is filtered and dispensed “on demand” as you use it. There is no reservoir inside and this means no build-up of bacteria. Our low-maintenance filtration system removes chlorine, bad taste, odor, lead, cysts, and more from your water, so you can be comfortable knowing you and your family are drinking the healthiest water.

Hygenic Design

The Stonybrook cooler has a sealed water pathway, which is designed to keep air from contacting the water in the unit and the recessed faucet ensures that hands never come in contact with the dispenser, keeping bacteria at bay.

Ease EASE:
Life is complicated enough, your water source should be simple and easy.

No More Heavy Bottles to Lug!

With Stonybrook Water, there is no more storing, lugging or lifting those 40+ pound heavy water bottles! There are no hassles with bottled water deliveries, deposits or fluctuating bills and no more running out of water bottles and waiting days for the next delivery. Our coolers are easy to install, fit practically anywhere and the maintenance is a breeze.

Get Instant Chilled, Hot or Sparkling Water

Stonybrook water coolers are capable of producing ice cold, piping hot and even sparkling water! With the push of a button, you get ultra filtered, chilled to 37° or steaming hot, pure water… in half a second! How easy is that?

Easy Maintenance

The filtration system is conveniently located in the front and changes in seconds with a simple twist. You can remove the carbon filter without any tools or turning off the water supply. The convenient indicator lights switch from green to red on the front panel when a filter change is required making maintenance easier than ever. And Stonybrook appliances have no reservoir to clean or sanitize and any removable pieces, like the BPA-free faucet and plastic drip tray, are dishwasher safe. Reservoirs in other coolers are seldom, if ever, sterilized and it takes about an hour to clean these correctly. And since the water in these reservoirs sits and stagnates, bacteria multiplies very quickly.