Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does the appliance do?

The Stonybrook appliance is a state of the art, commercial quality, water filtration system that provides unlimited quantities of pure, delicious drinking water.

How does it work?

Unlike bottled water, the appliance is connected to the cold water line of your home or office. Its “Dry technology” filters and chills unlimited amounts of pure, delicious, ice cold, drinking water on demand, without the danger of bacterial contamination associated with reservoir-style coolers.

Is it difficult to install the appliance?

Professional installation is included for only $99.00.

How does it compare in price to bottled water?

Compared to most spring water companies, we’re 20% less expensive.

Are there any other benefits?

Yes. First off, you’ll never have to store, lug, or lift those huge, “blue” water bottles again. In addition, now that you’ve replaced home water delivery, you’ll find yourself using your Stonybrook water far more liberally. You’ll feel free to use our water for cooking and for your pets. Remember, there’s never an extra charge.

What about repairs and other expenses?

Don’t worry, everything’s covered in your lease. No extra charges. Ever!

Is the water really that good?

Yes, it really is. And since our appliances use “dry” technology (no reservoir), Stonybrook water is much purer than bottled water.

What is the 'Sparkling Water' option?

Your appliance is available with the option of providing sparkling water along with hot & cold. It’s incredible.

Is the 'Sparkling option' more expensive?

Yes, by about 65 cents a day. Our clients love it and many tell us that they use about 10 to 12 glasses of Sparkling every day. So when compared to the cost of purchasing bottles of the flavored sparkling waters at the store, it’s quite a savings.

What if I don't like it?

Your first week is on us! If you don’t like it, we’ll remove it free of charge during the trial. Contact us today for information about the free trial!