Providence’s Water Is Not Safe

It seems that almost every week we are hearing more news about problems with tap water across the United States. This time it has hit close to home in Providence, Rhode Island. Reported by Fox 25 Boston in the spring of 2016, Providence is one of the largest drinking water systems in the country to exceed a federal lead limit starting since 2013.

How could this be happening?

Just under 14,000 homes in Providence receive their water from pipes made of lead. An aggressive $45 million campaign to replace all of these pipes was called into action but has slowed down in recent years with concerns that this work was actually stirring up lead through a private portion of the line.

Lead poisoning advocates have pointed to the state to “Do it right, replace the whole pipe”.  However, the culprit may be in your own home.  In addition, lead-based paint dust has been found in homes and in soil throughout the area. Health officials have pointed to this problem being why many children have seen elevated lead levels in their blood. There is no level of lead that is safe to drink.

Our water filtration dispensers plug directly into the tap line and filter out lead along with many other contaminants. If you are unsure if water lines are run through lead pipes, don’t take the unnecessary risk of drinking the water.  Don’t wait until a story pops up in your area about lead levels being too high!

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October 04, 2016 in News