Care & Cleaning for your Stonybrook Water Cooler

Keeping your cooler clean

Your Stonybrook Water lease includes all service necessary to keep your Ion cooler running flawlessly.  Regularly cleaning the outside of the machine is your responsibility.    Please give care instructions to whomever does the regular cleaning at your location.

***Drips trays are not drains.  They must be periodically emptied.***

To keep your Stonybrook Water appliance looking great we recommend:

  •    –   Removing the drip tray and empty excess water into a drain.
  •    –   Occasionally cleaning the 2 part drip tray in warm soapy water.
  •    –   Using a Lysol wet wipe to clean the backsplash and touch pad.

Filter Changes

Some signs you are ready for a filter change on your Stonybrook Water cooler:

  •    –   Slow water flow
  •    –   Two solid red lights on your machine


Our filters are certified for 12 months or 1,500 gallons (whichever happens first), but Stonybrook Water maintains a filter change schedule of approximately 11 months.  Your appliance will tell you it is time to change the filter by displaying 2 solid red indicator lights,  the water is completely safe to drink!  If this happens, just place a service request and we will be there to change the filter. 

Requesting a service

The contact phone number on the front of the machine can be called to set up service, the number is 888.261.5577.  

We respond to all service calls within 24 hours of receipt Monday through Friday excluding holidays.

Stonybrook Water prides itself with superior customer service, but we can use your help.  Your cooler can try to tell you what the problem is with your cooler.  There are two Indicator Lights that will show either green, orange, and red and will remain solid or blinking. By telling us the what the lights are indicating, we can better service you.

The Cooler is Leaking

If it appears there is a leak, please first check the drip tray!  Often times people over fill their drinks and don’t take the time to clean up after themselves.  The tray on the bottom of the cooler is not a drain, and the water will accumulate and eventually spill out.  

Water Turned Off

Water Turned Off

Water Turned On

Water Turned On

Emergency Shutoff

In the case of an emergency the machine may be unplugged and/or the water supply can be shut off.  The water line will have a shut off valve that can be turned to the off position until a Service Call can be place. Please see the picture of the emergency shutoff.

My Cooler is Beeping

Sometimes a cooler will begin to beep if someone continuously taps the button to get water.  To stop that sound, simply tap the filter reset button on the inside door panel just once.  

My hot water is not coming out hot

Often times if the cooler is moved or when someone cleans under the cooler, the hot water switch on the back of the machine gets flipped to the “off” position.  We ask that you check the hot water switch before calling in a service, see the picture of the back of the cooler for reference.  Once you flip the switch back to “On” you should have hot water again in about 30 minutes.  

“Off” showing black

“On” showing red