Biogen Spotlight

biogenTransforming Neuroscience Focused on next-generation therapies for MS and other neurological diseases.

“As we uncover new insights into human biology, Biogen is using cutting-edge technologies to pursue treatments for rare and genetic disorders and explore entirely new ways to treat disease through the advancement of RNA medicines and gene therapy.”

Sustainability Efforts Are a Priority

As Biogen continues to grow and provide access to treatment for patients, they remain committed to globally reducing their environmental footprint by maintaining a carbon neutral status and minimizing the amount of resources it takes to manufacture drug therapies.

Biogen has neutralized the carbon footprint associated with our business and throughout our value chain through GHG reductions across operations and our supply chain and the purchase of offsets and renewable energy credits (RECs). Additionally, Biogen achieved and has maintained virtually zero waste to landfill for our manufacturing nonhazardous waste from our owned and operated facilities since early 2012.
At Biogen, we have pledged to aggressively reduce our carbon, energy and water intensity by applying new and innovative approaches to our operations and manufacturing. We have neutralized our carbon footprint and joined forces with others leading the private sector on climate action. We are continuing to pursue zero waste to landfill. We have embraced and are implementing green and healthier building principles at our major facilities as we work to build the drug manufacturing plants of tomorrow.
Climate change is a serious risk to human health and our business. The World Health Organization identifies climate change as “the greatest threat to global health in the 21st century.” The direct and indirect impacts to health are already being felt around the world due to extreme weather events, the spread of infectious diseases and degradation of air quality. Businesses must take responsibility for the GHG emissions from their operations and throughout their value chain.

Working Within the Community
Biogen spent approximately $196 Million with Small and Diverse business enterprises in 2015.
Biogen‘s U.S. employees donated nearly $1.5 M to non-profits WHICH WAS MATCHED 100% BY THE COMPANY.
Biogen‘s Care Deeply Volunteer Day focused the time of 3,000 employees on over 150 Projects in 27 Counties.  This time added up to 14,000 hours in community service around the globe.

Training Future Scientists
In Cambridge, The Community Lab is the signature example of Biogen‘s commitment to STEM education. It offers daylong, interactive science activities, intensive summer programs and opportunities to meet the real scientists of Biogen.
The Cambridge facility is the longest-running, hands-on corporate science lab in the nation, serving as the model for a growing number of similar initiatives in the biotech community. Nearly 25,000 students in Greater Boston have participated in programs since the Community Lab first opened in 2002.
Ignite the Power of STEM Grants Program supports teachers and schools inMassachusetts to help them bring hands-on science programming to their students. Individual teachers may apply for up to $2,000.  Schools may apply for up to $5,000.