President’s Letter

Stonybrook Water is the leader in the drinking water industry. We have built our leadership on two enduring principles: being different and better in the eyes of our customers, and an “all together” philosophy of teamwork and commitment to excellence.

For more than a decade we have prospered by staying true to our values, while adapting to ever changing technology.

Our values were established by certain constants that have guided our actions to this day. At Stonybrook we value:

Innovation – products, services and a customer experience that is different and better;
Integrity – always striving to do the right thing;
Excellence – a drive for quality in everything we do;
Corporate Citizenship – living in harmony and making a positive difference in our environment and the communities in which we live and work; and,
Partnership – working to achieve a win/win relationship with customers, suppliers, employees and all those who we do business with us.

The strength of our company is our people. The talented people of Stonybrook Water have a passion for the business, care deeply for the company and their fellow employees, are empowered to make a difference and have an opportunity to share in the company success along the way. We are proud of our legacy of innovation. That tradition is alive and well at Stonybrook today as we continue to introduce new products and technology.

At Stonybrook, we inherently understand our role in protecting the environment. Today, we focus on four sustainability objectives:

We procure materials responsibly in partnership with our suppliers.

Our products are designed and built to minimize the environmental footprint, while maximizing both energy efficiency and durability.

Finally, we foster an internal culture where sustainability is the basis for ongoing employee education, engagement and pride.

Above all we focus on the customer. We recognize the important role our products play in the home and workplace along with the high expectations our customers have of the Stonybrook brand. We choose our products to ensure they make our customer’s lives’ safer, their health better, and their enjoyment fuller.

We choose to leave behind us a legacy of leadership to build on. We take that responsibility seriously so that we can hand off a stronger, more vibrant company to the next generation.

Tim Brown, President and CEO

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