There Really is a difference!


Ion MachineStonybrook Water “bottleless” dry water cooler systems provide an endless supply of pure drinking water without the hassle, cost or environmental harm of bottled water. But it’s so much more than that!

The advantages of a Stonybrook Water dry system vs. bottled water are numerous:

  • You get unlimited clean, fresh water on demand without the hassle of bottles.
  • Your Stonybrook Water lease includes all service, maintenance and filter changes at no additional cost.
  • Water bottles are heavy! With a Stonybrook ION there are no lifting, spilling or storage issues. Ever!
  • At only 13 inches wide, the ION fits almost anywhere.
  • Isn’t it about time we took those big, diesel water delivery trucks off the road!

But here is the real difference.

With its “Direct Chill, Direct Filtration” technology, the ION is the only water cooler available anywhere that doesn’t need to store filtered water in a reservoir, thus removing the risk of bacterial infestation.

Harmful bacteria

Stonybrook’s “Dry Technology” is the latest, cutting-edge innovation in water appliances. Your water is chilled and filtered only on demand and never sits in a holding tank or reservoir. And all of our units use a state-of-the-art, commercial quality water filtration system that provides unlimited quantities of pure, delicious drinking water. You can’t get water any purer… not to mention lower cost and less aggravation.

Stonybrook Water coolers are capable of producing ice cold, piping hot, and even sparkling water! No more lugging water jugs and no more wasteful plastic to be disposed of. Stonybrook Water delivers drinking water that is pure, clean and healthy. Perfect for your home or office… one taste of our water and you’ll be hooked.


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