merry-christmas-packagesStonybrook Water Company believes that the holiday season is a time to give back to others. Whether you or your workplace are interested in helping those in need – the homeless, the sick, or anyone less fortunate, there are many opportunities to make someone’s holiday season a little bit brighter.  

This year, Stonybrook Water has decided to show our appreciation to the Armed Services. There are approximately 190,000 troops serving overseas this holiday season. The Any Soldier program is a great opportunity to send care packages directly to troops deployed in the Middle East. Soldiers sign up with a wish list for themselves and other soldiers at their location for small items such as snacks, coffee, books, magazines, games, socks, and toiletries. Base commissaries are often limited in their offerings, so these packages sent from home are always much appreciated.

merry-christmasBy helping others, we in turn helped ourselves. We had to think of the items that these soldiers wouldn’t have easy access to and we had to image what it would be like to serve overseas away from our homes and families.  It gave us perspective on what it means to serve and sacrifice for our country and encouraged us to look outside of our own daily lives.

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