The Importance Of A Water Coolers At Your Office

Commercial Cooler TitaniumStonybrook Water Company is the premier company to provide many different types of commercial spaces and offices throughout New England with filtered water coolers. We make it easy and convenient for employees to fill up their cup and drink enough water throughout the day.  

Without a reliable and delicious water source, workers will find it more difficult to drink the amount of water they need to keep their bodies and minds healthy.

Benefits In the Workplace

Our brains are made up of anywhere between 75-85% water. A water deficiency of just 1-2% can directly result in problems with awareness, concentration and even short term memory loss. When a body and brain is fully hydrated it is able to perform to its fullest potential.

Most jobs require highly focused and attentive workers. When employees lose concentration, their quality of work will drop and the company as a whole won’t run as smooth as possible.

Additionally, drinking water keeps you from falling asleep at your desk. A lack of water can make you tired and drowsy. There is something known as the 3PM slump at work when you hit this tired cranky wall. If you have food cravings, headaches, cold clammy skin, fatigue or dry mouth it may be time to drink another glass of water.

Help your employees and maximize your business with the use of a Stonybrook Water Cooler.  Our coolers offer freshly filter hot, cold, and sparkling water to suit everyone’s water  For more information about Stonybrook Water filtration systems and how they can help your business, please reach out. We can be contacted over the phone at 978-865-9899 or through our online contact form..

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