Stonybrook Water vs. The Other Guys

Following our recent blogs about conserving water and the impact of plastic water bottles, we wanted to quickly dive into our services vs. other water delivery services. Stonybrook Water Company provides its customers with a water filtration machine which connects directly into your existing water lines. This means after a quick installation process you have access to unlimited filtered water. Direct filtration is actually a much more sustainable option then these bottled water delivery companies.

Our product and service has so many benefits but being more environmentally friendly is right up there as one of the biggest.

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Our Environmental Impact Vs. Water Jug Delivery

  1. Trucks: Many water jug delivery trucks are huge and terrible for the environment. Because of all the water on board they need massive diesel trucks which emit fumes into our air.
  2. Less Gas: Stonybrook Water’s small eco-friendly vans require far less gas.
  3. Delivery Times: While the Stonybrook Water van only goes out for installs and rare repairs, these large trucks are out on the roads all day every day with their monthly refills.
  4. Water Jugs: The plastic water jugs used to help carry and share water with residents and offices is also a waste of resources and space.
  5. Local Drives: Many of these water jug delivery trucks have to drive all the way from Maine to local storage facilities and then back out to local offices and homes. Stonybrook Water located in Manchester-by-the-Sea takes every opportunity to save drive time by scheduling efficiently.


For more information about Stonybrook Water, please feel free to give us a call at 978-865-9899 or fill out an online contact form.

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