4 Ways Water Will Save You From the Holidays

4 Ways Water Will Save You From the Holidays

The holiday season is upon us, along with it the stress of trying to stay healthy. As tempting as it is to give in to the urge to hibernate and just sit inside eating holiday goodies, this strategy ends in feelings of shame and regret 100% of the time. This year we are sharing with you an easy to follow, 4-step guide to staying on track – and the secret behind it is simple – H20.


Step 1: Start Strong

Hot Water & Lemon

Start your day with hot water & lemon!

You might be tempted to down a few cups of coffee to wake up, but this can lead to dehydration, headaches, and lethargy later on – not to mention a higher risk of becoming quite hangry. Studies have shown that starting the day with a glass of hot water & fresh lemon gives you more energy than a cup o’ joe, helps you lose weight, and soothes upset stomachs. Lemon water contains fiber, which can actually make you feel fuller, especially when complemented with a balanced breakfast – this could be any combination of eggs, whole wheat toast, fruit, plain greek yogurt. Protein will also help avoid hanger later in the day, which in turn will prevent binging! Fruits such as melon will help hydrate you as well!


Step 2: Get in a Workout (or Two)

Coolidge Point Reservation

Coolidge Point Reservation in Manchester is a gorgeous, ocean-front hike – especially in the chilly winter months!

Now that you have hydrated and nourished your body, it’s time to burn off extra calories BEFORE you start indulging in seasonal foods. Attend that Turkey Trot you signed up for (we promise you won’t regret it). Take a yoga class (we recommend Yoga Joy  in Gloucester – Paula teaches an awesome 8 a.m. class on Thanksgiving morning!) At the very least, step outside for some fresh air. Coolidge Point Reservation is one of our favorite local hikes in the Boston area. However you decide to get active, don’t forget to bring a water bottle.


Step 3: Keep Cocktails in Check

Cranberry Sparkling Water Mocktail

Cranberry Sparkling Water Mocktail

We all know that alcohol makes us feel terrible later, and that it is filled with empty calories that make us gain weight. Mocktails are the ideal solution – create a festive, low-cal, hyrdrating beverage by adding some fresh berries to a glass of fresh sparkling water. If you’re not into the alcohol-free approach (let’s face it, most of us aren’t that strong) fear not! You don’t have to cut booze out completely because once again, water is here to save the day. Make yourself a wine spritzer by adding a splash of wine to some sparkling water (add fresh pomegranate or cranberry juice for a twist!). If you’re looking for something a little bit stronger, try a vodka soda with fresh lemon. If neither of these are your style, just make sure to drink a glass of water in between each alcoholic drink.


Step 4: Treat Yourself

Find balance between indulging & staying healthy this holiday season.

Find balance between indulging & staying healthy this holiday season.

But don’t wreck yourself! When you find yourself standing over the appetizers, opt first for nutritious options such as chilled shrimp, veggies & hummus, and fresh, juicy fruits. Wash these down with some sparkling water, which will keep your tummy feeling full, helping to curb food cravings. The point when you are no longer starving is the time to let yourself try those festive, fancy finger-foods a try. After meals, don’t go back for seconds! Have a mug of non-caffeinated peppermint herbal tea. (TIP: our Rapidhot™ feature provides you with an unlimited supply of filtered, piping hot water – your guests won’t have to wait for it to heat up!)

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