ION Filtered Water Coolers Are A Massachusetts Favorite

ION Filtered Water Coolers Are A Massachusetts Favorite

ION Water Coolers – There’s nothing like them…Let’s go over the list of features the ION filtered water appliance from Stonybrook offers:

Purer Water: Stonybrook water is purer than bottled. Our machines employ “dry” technology, meaning they have no reservoir inside of them, so each glass is “fresh squeezed” just for the drinker. The result of this is that no bacteria can build up in the water.

Saves Energy: The ION appliance comes equipped with a light sensor. This means that when you shut off the lights for the night our units “sleep.” Consequently, we use less than ½ of the electricity that most coolers use.

The Environment: In one filter cycle, just one of our ION water appliances replaces 8000 16oz plastic bottles. Then, when you consider the amount of energy consumed by the bottling plant, and the diesel trucks used in the delivery process, bottled water makes even less sense.

The Planet: On average, the typical bottled water company uses about three gallons of water for every gallon produced. This is caused by the filtering process they use and the water used in washing the old bottles. This is wrong. The world is running out of water. Currently we are experiencing a water crisis that is far worse than the energy problems – and it’s getting more and more severe. As this is being written, the lack of water menaces the economy and people’s health in more than 80 countries. Water lack is connected to 80% of the pathologies affecting the third world. And it’s getting worse with time.

Your Health: The plastic bottles themselves leach harmful chemicals into the drinking water.

Convenience: No more storing, lugging, or lifting 45 pound bottles.

Helping People: Did you know that the singles largest killer of children in the world today is water borne diseases? Stonybrook donates 5% of our profits every month to a group called: “Water for People” at This group is at the forefront of the effort to bring clean drinking water to developing nations.

Lowered Costs: – When you compare us to companies like Poland Springs, we’ll typically cut your water bill by about 20 percent.

Delicious: With the “Sparkling” option that we offer, the ION becomes a full on beverage machine. The flavored sparkling water they  dispense is awesome; and with no sugar or artificial sweeteners it’s much better for you than Coke or Pepsi or sports drinks.

Taking up your time: I know that most people these days have more pressing issues on their plates than thinking about the drinking water for their homes or offices, but rarely do we have the opportunity to make such a large “difference” simply by changing our buying habits. And the fact that the decision to switch to Stonybrook is less expensive and delivers a better product makes the argument all the more compelling.

Our request is a simple one: Allow us to provide you with a no obligation 2 week trial of our equipment. If at the end of two weeks you don’t agree with our hundreds of clients that view us as the best possible choice for drinking water, we’ll remove the equipment with a smile and a thank you.

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