Bottle-less Water Coolers For Massachusetts

Bottle-less Water Coolers For Massachusetts

Bottle-less water coolers, once the exception, are more and more becoming the norm in offices and private homes around the world….Having diesel trucks and off-season college football players cart around 42 pound bottles of water is finally being seen as absurd.

Consider the path taken by most bottled water as it makes its way to your home or work place. If it’s spring water, large pumps need to be set up at the site of the spring to help extract the water from the ground. The water is pumped directly into sitting 18 wheelers, their huge diesel engines idling while they await their load. The trucks are soon motoring down the highway to the bottling plant where the water is offloaded and put through a filtration system. Once filtered, the water is then bottled, sealed and packaged. It is then loaded onto diesel trucks again for its trip to your home, office, or retailer. The water is so heavy that the 18 wheelers cannot carry a full load. If the water is in five gallon jugs, it is then off loaded by a young, strong, delivery person and lugged into your home or office where it will sit waiting for you to wrestle it onto the cooler. In the process of placing the bottle onto the cooler, the nose of the blue bottle will usually be submerged into the coolers reservoir thus contaminating your soon to be drunk water. When you consider the carbon footprint left behind by this arcane method of getting this “not-so-clean” drinking water and add to it the fact that about ten gallons of water get wasted producing a five gallon jug of water, it’s a wonder anyone is buying bottled water these days..

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